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Minesh Patel

How it all began

With two of his Uncles working as dentists, it’s no surprise that Minesh became interested in the field at a young age. Through his uncles’ recommendation, at the age of 15 he shadowed dentists and dental nurses for two weeks at each uncle’s practice. After this comprehensive introduction, his interest morphed into a passion and he began to pursue dentistry as a career. He worked hard, got the grades and never looked back.


Minesh studied at Dundee University dental school for five years, and then completed a year of vocational training in Dundee at a practice on the high street. He got on so well there, that he was offered a long term associate position. Minesh worked at the practice for four and a half years before migrating back to London to reconnect with his family and friends in the south. He picked up his position at Langley’s and has been here ever since.


Minesh spends most of his time in restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. He replaces a lot of antiquated dental work, and applies new cosmetic treatments when required. He is very ethically minded and will make sure to give the best advice he can to his patients before going ahead with any treatment. He believes that as a dental professional, he should never alter a healthy tooth and that each patient should be fully aware of the consequences of any cosmetic treatment before going ahead.

At home

Minesh likes to keep both his mind and his body active. He and his wife swim together once a week after work, he plays Badminton once a week and every Saturday, Minesh and his wife attend a practical philosophy class in Guildford. They ponder life philosophies together and apply them to real life situations, which he feels has made them both better at handling various difficulties, by giving them a more rounded perspective on things.

They have a greyhound called Turbo that has been part of the family for two years now.  A rescue dog, Turbo is 4 years old and used to be a racing dog in Ireland. He was discarded by his owners after he broke his back leg during a race and could no longer continue. Turbo was sent over from Ireland and taken in by Celia Cross in Guildford. There, Minesh and his wife found him and he settled in perfectly!