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Deep Bite Treatment

At Langley’s Dental Centre, we understand that having a deep bite isn’t just a cosmetic concern; it’s a condition that touches people of all walks of life – from the youngest child to our treasured seniors. Picture this: when you close your jaw, if the upper front teeth dramatically overlap the lower ones, you’ve got what we in the dental world call a deep bite. 

But what’s the big deal about a deep bite? 

Well, it’s not just about how you look. While it may change your facial profile, a deep bite can also lead to issues like teeth and gum damage, TMJ disorders, headaches, and even hearing problems. 

So, what’s behind this condition? 

The root causes of a deep bite are diverse: 

  • It could be down to genetics or the way your jaw grew. 
  • Missing back teeth? That could be a culprit. 
  • Gum disease and crowded teeth play a role too. 
  • Or maybe it’s those worn-out teeth or that old dental work that’s causing trouble. 
  • And yes, those habits – like thumb sucking, grinding teeth, or even biting nails – matter too. 

How do we tackle a deep bite at Langley’s? 

Fear not, because we’re equipped to help! Especially for our younger guests, orthodontic solutions like braces often work wonders in setting those teeth right. Not only will they function better, but you’ll also find it easier to maintain their health, and of course, you’ll be flashing a brighter smile in no time. For our adult patients or those with significant tooth wear and damage, a combination of orthodontic and restorative treatments might be in order. 

Diving into our Treatment Toolbox

We’ve got an array of orthodontic wonders like Hidden braces, Clear aligners (yes, we have Invisalign©!), and traditional braces.  If your teeth have seen better days due to wear, we can rebuild them with composite bonding, porcelain veneers, or overlays. And if you’re missing a tooth or two, we’ve got you covered with dental implants, bridges, and more. In rare, more severe cases, a deeper surgical approach might be needed. But rest assured, whatever your dental journey, the team at Langley’s is here to guide, treat, and support you every step of the way  

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