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teeth whitening in Windsor

Teeth Whitening in Windsor

Teeth whitening in Windsor is one of the most sought-after dental services in the area, in recent years. And with good reason. A bright, dazzling smile can really make a difference between a terrible first impression and the best day of your life. Not only that, white teeth make you feel more confident about your skills, which in turn improves your interactions and actions in the world.

This is why more and more people are seeking professional teeth whitening services, to restore their self-confidence, and keep them functioning at 100%.

Do your teeth need to be cleaned and whitened?

To figure out whether you’re a candidate for teeth whitening in Windsor, you just need to look in the mirror sometimes. Basically, if you feel your smile is not all that it should be, it’s probably time to go in for teeth cleaning procedure.

Similarly, if you’re embarrassed by smiling in public, or worry that people will judge the color of your teeth, then teeth whitening might be for you.

But why do my teeth lose their whiteness?

Imagine you buy a perfectly white T-shirt. Each time you wear it, the shirt becomes exposed to external factors such as sweat, dust, and other staining agents. In time, this causes the fabric to lose its whiteness, and become more and more faded. It’s the same with teeth.

With every piece of food and drink you put in your mouth, your teeth become exposed to these staining agents known as tannins. Over time, these stain your teeth and cause them to appear yellow or brown.

And naturally, some types of food or drink cause more staining than others. Prime culprits for yellowing teeth include tobacco, alcohol (red wine, in particular), coffee, and so on. Still, teeth also tend to become discolored as you age, so even if you stay away from all these items, you may still find your smile isn’t what it used to be.

Then it’s time to seek out a professional teeth whitening near Windsor service!

What happens during a teeth whitening procedure?

During a teeth whitening near Windsor procedure, your dentist or hygienist will first examine your teeth, to make sure no new issues have come up. Then, they will fix your mouth open using a special lip retracting device. Don’t worry – you’ll be able to bite down, and relax your jaw muscles!

Next, they will cover your gums, tongue, and the insides of your cheeks, to protect them from the whitening gel. This brings us to the main teeth whitening in Windsor event – your dental specialist will paint your teeth with a special whitening gel (a concentrated concoction of hydrogen peroxide), then leave you under a special, activating light for 20 minutes.

Depending on the state of your teeth, you may need to undergo this procedure 3-4 times before you’ve finished.

And that’s it! Our teeth whitening near Windsor really isn’t as complicated a procedure as you first thought, huh? So if you wish your teeth were whiter, don’t hesitate and book your teeth whitening appointment today!

Our teeth whitening dental practice is only a short drive away from Windsor!