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I Keep Grinding My Teeth

What is teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism in medicine, affects both adults and children. It could harm teeth if not treated. Radical procedures including root canals and tooth extraction may be necessary. In addition, it might have a harmful impact on your jaw, leading to TMD. Even worse, it damages your face. Additionally possible symptoms include earaches and headaches.

What’s the cause?

The reason why people grind their teeth has not yet been identified by doctors. However, obstructive sleep apnea or dental misalignment are frequently linked to it. Even though most occurrences of teeth grinding might happen at night, it can also happen during the day. It’s probably brought on by anxiety or emotional stress. The good news is that you may prevent it from harming your teeth by taking certain steps.

Ways to Eliminate Teeth Grinding Naturally

You must lessen or get rid of any worries in your life because stress might lead to teeth grinding. By frequently exercising, you can achieve this. It has been shown that aerobic exercise reduces stress. Make sure to drink plenty of water while working out.

Additionally, it’s critical to abstain from meals and beverages that make you feel stressed. These would include alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Try writing your thoughts and feelings down when you’re feeling pressured. Any strong emotions you have will be let out in this way. You can find out what stresses you out by journaling.

You might need to talk to a counsellor if you’re too stressed out. A qualified specialist can instruct you on coping mechanisms and how to handle any emotional events. Discuss it with your dentist. He might suggest a therapist or provide you a prescription for a muscle relaxant to prevent clenching of your jaw.

Try asking your spouse, if you’re married, to wake you up if you begin to grind your teeth. Ask your co-workers to remind you if you start to clench your teeth during the day. Being aware of it can help with daytime bruxism, but if you’re not aware of it, you’ll need help from others.

You can assess your condition of grinding your teeth with the aid of your dentist. They’ll create a strategy specifically for your situation.

Additionally, they can advise using an occlusal appliance. Since it is personalised, it will suit your top or bottom teeth exactly. Your teeth need to be protected from the effects of teeth grinding, and wearing this item is crucial. However, it won’t stop the grinding from happening. However, it lessens jaw muscle soreness. You could put it on before bed. However, some individuals wear it during the day, particularly if their bruxism is severe.

A mandibular advancement device might be suggested if your sleep apnea is the root cause of your teeth grinding. It aids in controlling sleep apnea and snoring. Never allow tooth grinding to damage your beautiful smile. Discuss it with your dentist so that they can create a treatment plan just for you.