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Dental Implants Abroad

Dental Implants Abroad: Is There a Risk?

Most people who would consider this will be doing so for a week or two in the sun, but some may be exploring cosmetic dental treatments, with dental implants being the most popular.

Cost is one reason people select this alternative. You’ve probably noticed ads promoting cheaper tooth implants than in the UK. Some of the reasons are risky. We’ll look at these and how to spread implant treatment costs.

First, not all overseas dentists may be criticised. Many skilled dentists practise in the UK. Due to currency rates and living costs, overseas savings may be possible. After travel and lodging, it’s less likely to be a deal.


Poor quality

Some dentists employ low-quality materials to cut money. This reduces prices, but you get what you pay for. Implants constructed from certain materials allow for osseointegration (where the bone and implant fuse together). If lesser materials are utilised, even if the dentist is qualified, the implant may be unstable and fail soon.


Unqualified dentists

Internationally, there are some great dentists. In less regulated locations, people may be somewhat qualified. We recommend avoiding cheap dentists in the developing world. Even in sophisticated countries, dental regulations and qualifications vary. This means their oral care may not match the UK’s. As implant placement is complicated, this is worrisome.



At our dental practise. Most patients like our chairside approach and eagerness to explain the operation. This puts most folks at ease, and we’re pleased to answer inquiries. Depending on the dentist’s language ability, this could be problematic abroad. Not everyone has good English skills. Being unable to communicate something may make you nervous about your treatment, and communication during the operation is crucial, but challenging with language challenges.



Dental implant implantation in the UK have a high success rate, however any surgery might have complications that require follow-up care. Even without this, UK dentists will monitor your therapy and be available for questions.

Any problems with your new implant will likely arise after you return to the UK. A follow-up visit to a dentist abroad will generally require a flight and lodging, although you might drive or take the bus nearby. This increases your treatment’s cost and makes it less financially viable. Do you want to return to the dentist that provided substandard treatment or materials? Local aftercare may be unavailable. Many dentists don’t want to fix subpar work done elsewhere.

Our recommendation is to not have dental implants abroad, no matter how inexpensive or appealing. You shouldn’t gamble with your oral health. We recognise that cost is an issue for some people, and we can help patients spread out the expense of their treatment.

If you’re considering getting implants abroad, come see what we can provide and how we can spread out the cost.