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Perfect white teeth

Get perfect white teeth for your wedding

A bright smile is the best accessory for a bride or groom to have. If you are getting married, you should schedule a teeth whitening appointment to make sure your teeth look their best for your big day. Teeth whitening is a non-intrusive treatment that can enhance your appearance in just a few sittings. Here are a few things to keep in your mind if you are thinking of getting your teeth whitened before your wedding:

Most effective whitening techniques

There are several professional whitening techniques, all with different levels of effectiveness. You can whiten your teeth at home or by visiting a dental professional. Most people prefer at-home treatments as they tend to be more convenient and affordable. However, at-home treatments take some time to produce results, and the end results are not as significant. Home treatments, like whitening toothpaste, also tend to be more abrasive and often result in heightened tooth sensitivity. On the other hand, clinical treatments offer more immediate results and are safer for your teeth as well. Clinical whitening treatments are custom made for your teeth, hence, provide more uniform bleaching results. If you are short on time, some dentists also offer laser whitening treatments for quicker but less effective results.

When to get your teeth whitened

Regardless of what whitening treatment you choose, planning ahead doesn’t hurt. For over-the-counter treatments, you can start seeing results in around 14 days. However, for long-lasting results, clinical bleaching takes longer. Even if your treatment can be administered in one sitting, you should make an appointment with the dentist before time to make sure you can get an appointment before your wedding. Laser treatment can give you better results in a short time, but you should still get the treatment early on to make sure you get the results you want.

Aftercare for whitening treatments

After getting your teeth professionally bleached, you need to take a few precautions to make sure your teeth stay clean and white. You should steer clear of pigmented foods like coffee, tea, and carbonated drinks as these beverages can stain your teeth. If you are unable to completely avoid these drinks, you can use a straw to minimize the staining on your teeth.

Services for both the bride and the groom

From your wedding ceremony to the pictures, nothing pairs better with a white dress than a beautiful smile. However, teeth whitening is not limited to just the bride. Your wedding pictures will not go as planned if your groom’s teeth literally pale in comparison to your pearly whites. When booking an appointment for your teeth, make sure to book one for your groom as well so that you can both smile your brightest on your wedding day.

Langley’s Dental offers several professional teeth whitening treatments that are sure to get your teeth in top shape before your wedding day. For more information on treatments and appointments, contact Langley’s Dental Centre on 01344 842953.