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How to care for your veneers

How To Make Veneers Last Longer

Langley’s Dental is the best place to visit when you want great, long-lasting veneers. Investing in unique covers is the best thing to do because you will have your smile till the day you die, and who doesn’t like a fantastic smile?

The way you maintain your natural teeth so that they don’t get holes, you should also ensure you keep the same hygiene with your veneers to have them on for an extended period. The aspects your need to look at for them to last longer include;

Wash Your Ventures More Often With A Toothbrush

Scrubbing your teeth more often reduces the chances of you contracting a bacterial infection. Brush your teeth swiftly twice a day because when you do this hard, it can tamper with your gums and end up bleeding.  If you are sceptical about how you need to clean your teeth, ask your dentist about it and always remember to floss every day.

Avert Blemishing Nutriment

When eating hard foods or any sweets, don’t bite them because they may end up tampering with your coverings, and they can break them, implying you have to go through the same procedure once again to replenish them.

Stop Smoking

The type of material used to put together your coverings could get tampered with when you occasionally smoke. Smoking can interfere with your gums, bones and your natural teeth, overseeing more medication.  This may lead to the removal of your coverings so that they can fit the structure of your teeth.

Avert From Mincing Your Teeth

It is pretty hard to prevent this, primarily for patients who have bruxism conditions because they tend to mince their teeth as they sleep. When they do this, they tamper with the elasticity of the veneers, making them fall out faster. When you know that you have this condition, it is advisable to tell your dentist to find an alternative.

Have Regular Check-Ups

Make sure your hygiene is always good and ensure you don’t miss any dentist appointments. When you always visit your dentist, they are keeping track of your coverings to know if they need to change them or not. Make sure you always keep your gums clean as well. Regular check-ups save you from expensive treatments in case of any issue.

Be Gentle With Your Teeth

Always remember that your teeth are not a tool to be used to open packages. So avoid using your teeth or coverings to open soda bottles or cans. When you use your bodies to do this, it weakens them and introduces germs to them.


When you have broken teeth or want to replace a gum with a tooth covering is the best option so that you are not shy to share a smile with your friends or colleagues. Always make sure you put on coverings that are the same size as your natural teeth, and always remember to incorporate the tips above to have durable bodies.

If you would like a consultation regarding veneers then please get in touch with us here at Langley’s Dental Centre.