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Gum disease

What is Gum Disease?

We’re all familiar with the basic concepts of gum disease, in that it bears a fairly descriptive title, but few of us know what it really is, how it works, and most importantly, how we can prevent it. At Langley’s Dental Practice, we get asked about gum disease fairly often,...

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Everything You Need to Know About Periodontitis

At Langley’s Dental Centre, we get a lot of questions about periodontitis from our clients. So we thought it might be helpful to create this article that will hopefully clear up any questions and misunderstandings you might have about this particular affliction and the appropriate treatment. So what exactly is...

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How to care for your veneers

How To Make Veneers Last Longer

Langley's Dental is the best place to visit when you want great, long-lasting veneers. Investing in unique covers is the best thing to do because you will have your smile till the day you die, and who doesn't like a fantastic smile? The way you maintain your natural teeth so...

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Perfect white teeth

Get perfect white teeth for your wedding

A bright smile is the best accessory for a bride or groom to have. If you are getting married, you should schedule a teeth whitening appointment to make sure your teeth look their best for your big day. Teeth whitening is a non-intrusive treatment that can enhance your appearance in...

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Dentist holding concept tooth

Root Canal: What You Need To Know

What is a root canal? During a root canal, a dental instrument called a dental drill is used to bore a hole in the tooth's hard centre called the pulp. The instrument’s cutting action cuts the soft inner part of the tooth away from the nerve endings that supply it...

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